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The New Years Theme

Ah, New Year, new you.  Isn’t that how the saying goes?  And then there are the resolutions we make and hope to be able to keep, at least, to some degree.

I saw something the other week, not sure where exactly, about the idea of a New Year’s THEME instead of a resolution.  I think it would go something like this: let’s say instead of resolving to be a better person, give up something or another, etc. we choose a theme to be our guide; our conscious, as it were, to be the subject of our ‘resolve’ for 2014.

So, I could choose peace as my theme for 2014.  That would mean I would work on peace through out every part of my day, in every form.  Being at peace with myself.  Showing peaceful actions and intentions toward others and in the situations that are presented during the day.  Keeping a peaceful mind as much as possible.  Allowing peace to fill me as I eat.  Choosing foods that were ‘peacefully’ harvested for consumption. 

Get the point?  Instead of giving up chocolate (which we know is a difficult thing to do for some folks!) or promising to exercise more (which often falls to w the wayside after two weeks), we choose an action that can cover the whole of our lives.

Here’s another example: choose love as your theme.  That means loving your neighbor as yourself.  Which means you have to love yourself.  Which means you have to take care of yourself.  Which means you have to exercise, and eat right and meditate or pray or contemplate or whatever is your spiritual practice.  And if you don’t have a spiritual practice, you get one.  Journal.  Do yoga or Ti chi.

See how taking a theme can be so much more encompassing and yet, so simple.

So, my theme is love.  Not hard to understand for those who know me.  I have always thought love was the answer to everything.  And I am including more spiritual practices in my day.  And I have already started an exercise program.  The hard part is going to be my diet. But I’m not giving that part up.  Just some simple changes on ALL levels of my life to make me more aware of the Christ being that I am.

You can do it too!  I sent out a Prosperity Prayer Program last week, add that as a start to your Spiritual path for the New Year.  Or go to yoga.  Or try journaling.  There are so many ways to do a simple thing or two to make a change.  Remember, it’s all energy.