Follow your path…

Welcome! Thanks for visiting my webpage.

I came to the Rehoboth Beach, Delaware area for one purpose: to start metaphysical discussions on a regular basis. My intention was and continues to be, to allow for discussions from a different point of view; to open our minds to, possibly, a different way of looking at things and the happenings around us.

It has been my desire to aid others in their quest for understanding what the meaning of their life might be; what their relationship with others is about; and, what their relationship with their Higher Power, their Divine Spirit, their God or Goddess; their Christ or Budda Nature, might be.

We do this through discussions brought about via book discussions and through questioning our thoughts and actions about ourselves, others and the world. Where do these thoughts come from? Why do I act or react like I do? What can I do to bring peace to our world? What is my purpose in life?

If these questions interest you, maybe you too, would like to be part of this journey. Take a look at the calendar below and see if there is a class near you. Contact me if you have any questions at