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Motown Series – “Holy Ground”


Welcome back to Unity Spiritual Center!

Happy Anniversary to you all. And thank you for supporting Unity Spiritual Center
of Coastal Delaware.

You helped to make a dream of mine come true. I pray you will continue your support in all ways.

This week we are swerving away a bit from Motown because I love the song I choose and because it fits our celebration. And it is a reminder, that we are always standing on Holy Ground

Those words could be what we all thought in our hearts as we entered a Unity Center or Church for the first time. That is what I often think about…standing in a Holy Presence. That overwhelming swell of love and acceptance as one walks into the positive energy on Unity.

When I walked Through the doors
I sensed his presence
And I knew This was a place
Where love abounds

The first time a I walked into Unity, I was overwhelmed. It was a small space but filled with folks. The minister actually was leaving to work at Unity Village, so I barely got to know her, but the new minister was a mentor and guide for me as I pursued becoming a Licensed Unity Teacher.

But more important, it was a step into a spiritual journey of self-discovery and an opening to my Higher Self. Finding Unity was and is probably the most important event in my life. I thank Darla and O’Neal for that

What was it like, the first time you walked into Unity? (SHARE)  pic

The words to this song can be so profound.

Here we can find Sweet peace of mind, Can still be found

If we are following the guidance of our Way-shower, we do and will find peace of mind when we give our hearts over to that still small voice that will guide us as we travel through each day.

And yes, there is joy beyond all measure…

We must do our part if we wish to live a life filled with joy. Oh yes, there will be opportunities for our growth, but our mis-step is dwelling in what seems hours and hours of turmoil when in the reality of our life, it is only a moment.

We too often dwell in the Valley of the Shadow, when in reality, if we pick up the tent instead of setting it up and continue through to the other side, we find friends and family there to help us. We sense the support that comes from the prayers from our Prayer tram and Silent Unity. And we feel the arms as they circle us in the warmth of a hug.

We need to do our part when it comes to our spiritual growth. As the message from our first songs in this Motown Series reminded us, we must Reach Out. And as today’s song is telling us we must reach out and claim it.

It is our responsibility to claim what we have a desire for. And we must do all the work to prepare for that gift from the Divine.  Remember, the Universe is always for you. Nothing and no one is against you.

It is us who place the barriers in front of us. And it is US who must push them away.

No, we don’t have to do it alone. That is one of the reasons we have Unity Spiritual Center. And the Men’s Group. And the Women’s Circle. And classes. And Meditations.

And leaders within this community.

But we must all do our part.

I ask you to ask yourself time and again…”What is mine to do?”

How do you answer that now? (SHARE)


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