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WHo IS Ministering To You?

Who’s ministering to you?

As I sit here at home, pondering my life experiences, I wondered who is ministering to you. Now I could say that means, “Who is ministering to me?” And then I followed that with all the things I do for myself, daily, to help me through the day.

I have the Daily Word, and other spiritual type messages that are sent to my email account, and reading through and pondering them is part of my morning routine. I also make it a point to cruise through Facebook and read and ponder the many positive and spiritual messages that are posted, often reposting the ones that I believe would be appreciated by others on Facebook.

Then I also have several reminders that are timed on my phone, reminding me to remember PEACE, or SEND LOVE, or I AM GOD MANIFESTING. These messages chime into my day as wonderful reminders to take a break from the day-to-day routines that we allow ourselves to get into, often forgetting what is really important-to just BE.

Being limited with my movement (automobile accident two weeks ago), I can go as far as my deck and sit out there and let nature minister to me. I listen to the birds, and watch them fly from feeder to tree to another tree. I watch for the hummingbirds, and marvel at their tiny wings full of energy. I grumble for a short while at the squirrels and how they devour the bird food and scamper around chasing each other. The tree frogs sing their songs and I just smile.

ANYTHING in nature, ministers to me and I allow myself that time to receive it. No negativity about the squirrels, just truth….they eat more bird seed than the birds get! I don’t let the fat that I can’t walk down to the waterfront and watch the ducks, or the sun shine on the water, or look for crabs and fish in the water. I know that will be there when I am able to walk again.

The point in all this is, we have to receive the gifts of ministering as they are-where they come from. And so, I acknowledge here, one more area where I minister to me-I adjust to the fact that I require assistance to live and to have my dogs taken care of while I recover from this accident. Sometimes that is so very difficult when one is used to taking care of most of their needs.

I’ve had to adjust to a lot. And I am so very thankful that many friend have stepped up to assist in all this and continue to do so.

So, I ask again-“Who is ministering to you?”