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Everything Makes You More

“Everything makes you more.” This was part of today’s message from “The Universe” at How appropriate after my rant yesterday about betrayal! It is said that the teacher comes when the student is ready.

I am ready. After writing about my feelings and thoughts, I do feel better. And I know all the things about my business, unconditional love and thoughts creating our world. Sometimes we have to feel it as deep and profound as it is, to be able to see the other side. I have said many times, it’s ok to go through the valley of the shadow of death, but don’t camp there! I’m not sure where I heard that first, but it stuck with me.

So, I’m not camping. Gave that up. And I’m looking at things from the other side. The other side of: It’s not my business what my friend does. I have to resolve the betrayal issue once again from its every angle; so what if the cancer has returned, it’s beatable and only an inconvenience. I have recently witnessed a dear friend battle her cancer for almost two years with a smile on her face and laughter through her home. I can do that too.

My journey has been a very worthwhile one and I am happy to continue it. Yes, continue it even with these little tests and questions that arise. They are good tests. They make me think about what I really believe. And, as Don Miguel Ruiz asks, where did that belief come from?

Everything makes you more. More is good. More good is good. It’s ALL good. Keep joy is your heart. That joy keeps me going each and every day.

Peace, my friends. Loving IS the answer.



Let’s talk about betrayal…Seems appropriate seeing as this is Easter week. We could go into all the metaphysical meaning behind Easter; we know it all according to Charles Fillmore and other like him. The important meaning is what it means to you, and only you can determine that. Oh, I could help you get there, and if you wish to have that discussion, let me know.
I choose betrayal to write about because of some ‘stuff’ that I’m going through. And some of what has been brought up through all that’s happening is betrayal. I guess all that I thought I had resolved from my past-childhood, young adult, prior relationships, missteps I’ve taken-aren’t really all resolved.

I know, I know, you all think I’m ‘there’ already. Ha! You are sorely mistaken. True, I have come a long way from where I was…thankfully. But there is a lot more to do, a lot more to learn.

So, betrayal. What started this? I have to have surgery and there is a possibility that the cancer I fought against and won, has returned. So, betrayed by my body, again. Not just the bad knees so no more morning run, bulging lower back so very little gardening, arthritis in all the joints that wake me at night and creak each morning; betrayed by possibly the return of cancer.

The other big betrayal is by truly dear friends who choose not to trust me, to hide from me. It’s none of my business, right? We just finished Byron Katie’s “Loving What Is”, and I know that’s right. None of my business. It still hurts and it brings up another deep hurt that happened years ago when this same friend choose not to trust me but, instead believed someone else.

We always think we are past long ago hurts, that is until something like this brings it all up again. And how do we release betrayal. I guess we go through it all again, resolved that it’s past, promise to live in the present, and pray.
My friend will be visiting soon and we’ll talk about it all. And resolve it. Why? Because we love each other and that’s what love does…Resolve the issues so we can live in the present.

Last thoughts

A dear friend of my is close to transitioning to the other side. She may even have passed by now. She is dearly beloved to me and many family and friends. Her life was blessed with friends and family and she is a blessing to those who knew her well.

This brings to mind something we may have thought of before…what would your thoughts be as you knew that this life was ending? Would you be disappointed that you didn’t ‘get it right’? Or would you be pleased with the progress you’ve made on your spiritual journey?

I’ve thought of this myself. In fact, a year or so ago, I told a friend I was prepared to pass on, that I had made significant progress spiritually, and if this was where it ended, I would be pleased. I still feel that way. I would like to continue with my growth and shall as my life goes on, but I also feel as if I have made such a change in my life, that it would be ok to end it here and start again in a new one.

What are your thoughts about this? Would you be pleased with your growth if your life ended today? If not, why? And, what can you do about that now?

Peace my friends. And peace, to my beloved friend Peg.

A Lot of Gift in Change

There’s been some very spring -like days here in southern Delaware. Everyone is getting the spring bug…wanting to get outside and be in the yard, do some gardening, hit the beach. And I am no exception. My mind has been dreaming up some gardening ideas for my new backyard, just need the muscle power and the money!

The title of this message, there’s A Lot of Gift in Change, came from my friend Ana. I wanted to give her a little shout-out. She comes up with some really cool thoughts for a youngster!

Anyway, think about it. Most of the time we look at change as a not so good thing. We even look at it with fear sometimes. We might look at things as ‘we’ll take what we are familiar with’ as opposed to what would be new. That can leave us stuck in the past. Our soul or Spirit may be urging us onward to new levels of Spirituality, but we get stuck in the past, afraid to move forward.

We are here, on this Earth to learn and love, to grow. Hanging onto the past will not allow for that.

So, what gifts will we find in change? Other than that growth mentioned above it could be a new life. It could be a new love. It could be new experiences. What growth in our consciousness could come about without change? Our very self awareness comes with change!

I can’t begin to express to you the changes that have come through me as I discover the wonders of Spiritual growth. The change in consciousness is so amazing. I can not imagine being the person I was even 5 years ago!

So I encourage you to embrace change. Let Spirit guide you through any change that comes to you. You will use the discernment made available to you and choose correctly for you.

Take care.