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A Lot of Gift in Change

There’s been some very spring -like days here in southern Delaware. Everyone is getting the spring bug…wanting to get outside and be in the yard, do some gardening, hit the beach. And I am no exception. My mind has been dreaming up some gardening ideas for my new backyard, just need the muscle power and the money!

The title of this message, there’s A Lot of Gift in Change, came from my friend Ana. I wanted to give her a little shout-out. She comes up with some really cool thoughts for a youngster!

Anyway, think about it. Most of the time we look at change as a not so good thing. We even look at it with fear sometimes. We might look at things as ‘we’ll take what we are familiar with’ as opposed to what would be new. That can leave us stuck in the past. Our soul or Spirit may be urging us onward to new levels of Spirituality, but we get stuck in the past, afraid to move forward.

We are here, on this Earth to learn and love, to grow. Hanging onto the past will not allow for that.

So, what gifts will we find in change? Other than that growth mentioned above it could be a new life. It could be a new love. It could be new experiences. What growth in our consciousness could come about without change? Our very self awareness comes with change!

I can’t begin to express to you the changes that have come through me as I discover the wonders of Spiritual growth. The change in consciousness is so amazing. I can not imagine being the person I was even 5 years ago!

So I encourage you to embrace change. Let Spirit guide you through any change that comes to you. You will use the discernment made available to you and choose correctly for you.

Take care.


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