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Last thoughts

A dear friend of my is close to transitioning to the other side. She may even have passed by now. She is dearly beloved to me and many family and friends. Her life was blessed with friends and family and she is a blessing to those who knew her well.

This brings to mind something we may have thought of before…what would your thoughts be as you knew that this life was ending? Would you be disappointed that you didn’t ‘get it right’? Or would you be pleased with the progress you’ve made on your spiritual journey?

I’ve thought of this myself. In fact, a year or so ago, I told a friend I was prepared to pass on, that I had made significant progress spiritually, and if this was where it ended, I would be pleased. I still feel that way. I would like to continue with my growth and shall as my life goes on, but I also feel as if I have made such a change in my life, that it would be ok to end it here and start again in a new one.

What are your thoughts about this? Would you be pleased with your growth if your life ended today? If not, why? And, what can you do about that now?

Peace my friends. And peace, to my beloved friend Peg.


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  1. I am sure I will follow this site as I am a Unity follower for many years having found books of Charles and Mildred Fillmore over a decade ago. I have studied Nostic Gospels and other sacred walks that have allowed me to grow through the years. I am glad to have found you and will visit often. As I approach my golden years as my Grandmother called it, I look forward to the challenges of senior living and the joy of reviewing all the past has given me by the grace of my understanding of the divine essence that many call God/Godess. My departed friend Tod taught me much and still does through the pathway of love and belief. Dave Patterson

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