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Everything Makes You More

“Everything makes you more.” This was part of today’s message from “The Universe” at How appropriate after my rant yesterday about betrayal! It is said that the teacher comes when the student is ready.

I am ready. After writing about my feelings and thoughts, I do feel better. And I know all the things about my business, unconditional love and thoughts creating our world. Sometimes we have to feel it as deep and profound as it is, to be able to see the other side. I have said many times, it’s ok to go through the valley of the shadow of death, but don’t camp there! I’m not sure where I heard that first, but it stuck with me.

So, I’m not camping. Gave that up. And I’m looking at things from the other side. The other side of: It’s not my business what my friend does. I have to resolve the betrayal issue once again from its every angle; so what if the cancer has returned, it’s beatable and only an inconvenience. I have recently witnessed a dear friend battle her cancer for almost two years with a smile on her face and laughter through her home. I can do that too.

My journey has been a very worthwhile one and I am happy to continue it. Yes, continue it even with these little tests and questions that arise. They are good tests. They make me think about what I really believe. And, as Don Miguel Ruiz asks, where did that belief come from?

Everything makes you more. More is good. More good is good. It’s ALL good. Keep joy is your heart. That joy keeps me going each and every day.

Peace, my friends. Loving IS the answer.


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