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We are all a Mystery

Easter brought about several good things for me this year. Of course, family. It was good to be with family, both immediate and extended. and then there was the opportunity to spend time with my ‘family of choice’. I missed my friends from home so I got to see Bob & Peggy, Lois, and Barbara, and her ‘little brat’, Emma.

Another good thing that came from Easter was the drive. Well, spending three and a half hours in the car isn’t always considered a good thing, what happens as you drive is. I got to see much of nature: hawks, snow geese, deer, rainbows and all that nature provides. It is truly wonderous.

Another good thing about the drive is the opportunity to listen to music, books and lectures. Now, again, some would not consider listening to a lecture very exciting. But you would be surprised what thoughts are formed from listening to music and books and lectures as you are driving. Right now I am trying to enlarge my knowledge about the Gospels. It can be difficult when the lecturer is pretty traditionally Christian, but once and awhile you can get some little tidbits from the talk.

So here’s a little tidbit I learned yesterday…the teachers that we look to for guidance, whether Jesus, Buddha, etc. where all looked at by their followers as a mystery. They had to figure out what the message was that the teacher was trying to convey. Often the Apostles didn’t know what Jesus was trying to convey with the parables He used as a lesson. We are a mystery too. We have to learn about ourselves and then figure out what we want to keep and what needs to change. The most important thing we have to figure out is that we are Spiritual Beings!

Another thing I was reminded of this weekend: I need to release myself from my history to free myself to create my future unencumbered by my past. As my freind Peg would say, “Sounds good to me!”


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