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Today’s Thought

I woke up before the alarm this morning. Actually, I don’t usually use an alarm, but if I gave an appointment that morning, I have a reminder on my phone and use that to make sure I was up in time for the appointment. So, this morning, I woke before the phone chimed my reminder about my appointment to have my eyes examined.

So, I just lay there for a while. Just wanting to BE, as we have been discussing in my classes. And this thought came to me about ABUNDANT LOVING. We talk about abundance alot in New Thought. And we know that our abundance is more than material things, more than money in the bank, more than health, more than friends and family.

And many of you who know me, know how I espouse loving as the answer to much of what bothers us through out our lives, thus the signature on my emails, “Loving IS the answer”.

As I let this thought of Abundant Loving develop, I can see it as a philosophy we could embrace. By expressing our loving nature, which we all have, it is who we are, we are LOVE, we are part of the DIVINE which is all love; we can share that loving abundance. The more we share that abundance, the more others will feel the love. More and more, loving will be the action that we show to others, whether in our family, with our friends, passing people on the street, encounters with others as they preform their jobs.

Just as this morning as I was checking out from the eye doctors’ office. I had that same thought, and so, made sure I shared my loving abuntently, by making eye contact, saying thank you and have a good day to the receptionist and assistant as I left.


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  1. Deborah Moore says:

    I missed my eye appt. recently. (ha) But, wake up every morning in time to see spectacular sunrises. I can see the sun rise out the back and sparkling through the trees.

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