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Co-Create or Re-create?

As a Unitic (Unity inspired person) I believe in the concept that we are all One, God in us and us in God.  God as Substance, there’s all these Ideas out in the ethers for us to draw from.  This is how we increase our abundance.  We take the Divine Ideas and bring them forth through our thoughts and thoughts create. And we always called that co-creating with God. (And here I use the term God but one could use Spirit, Divine Wisdom, Divine Universe, etc.)

So, I was reading the “Fifth Agreement” by Don Jose Ruiz for my Tuesday class.  We are in the midst of the “Four Agreements” by his father Don Miguel Ruiz.  And he presented this idea in a different way.  He looks at the creation process as a re-creation from us. 

We are re-creating what God has already created in Divine Idea.  And this makes sense to me.  God has the idea in substance in the ethers and when we are aware of the idea, when we come forth with the idea, we would then be re-creating what God has already created in the idea.

Some may say, “Yea, but Sandy, the idea has to be brought into form and that is the creating.” And I say, but is that really co-creating?  I guess you could say it is because the Idea comes from God first. 

I wonder what you all think about this.  Let me know.


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  1. radiane says:

    Very interesting post. I think that as humans we tend to over complicate the simplest of concepts. Create/co-create/re-create. The base word means to bring into existence. I think that creation itself is a magical and divine word. To understand fully (and few really do) that we have the power within us to bring into existence what we desire can give us immeasurable freedom. We also bring into existence what we don’t desire and then blame something outside of ourselves. We are an extension of God, God is within and all around. One continuous energy. So what we create begins with first appreciating the concept that is God..Universe…Creator…etc.

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