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Original Blessing

Just read an article by Richard Rohr mentioning “Original Blessing” where many would place “Original Sin.” I’ll take the “Original Blessing” thank you.

Now you all will go to the Creation Story and look at it in a different mind, and that’s good. The Creation Story is GOOD. It was mentioned as GOOD each time a day was complete.
I won’t even go into the Metaphysics of the Creation Story today. Let’s talk about “Original Blessing.” I look at Original Blessing in my life. Was my early life a Blessing? Many would say NO!

WE were poor, hand me down clothes, food insecurity for a good part of my early childhood. An alcoholic Father who could be violent was not fun. And hear him beat my Mother and not being able to stop it was emotionally scarring.

My older brother and I were often brought into the fray when we were older. And my brother was in danger of being hit more than I.

Why not me? Because I was already ‘hit’ with sexual abuse.

So why am I calling this “Original Blessing”? Well look at it. I could have held this all against my family. And for a time, I did the victim thing. But I got on the recovery wagon and my Spiritual journey has helped me see how I can use this Blessing to be of service.

I am able to share my story and let others know that recovery in this physical world is available. I can and have used the strength I developed to help others who may have experienced difficulties in their life.

And I can remind them that this physical body is not who we really are. We are experiencing a physical life but the main job is to connect with our inner “Being.” That Being is Love. It is Spirit. It is Peace.

So that is what I do. I expose the ‘me’ that is experiencing this life and share those experiences so others can see that growth is possible, that the journey is sooo worth it. That love is available for us all…beginning with ourselves.

Let’s give ourselves THAT gift this Holiday season. The gift of “self-love.”


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  1. radiane says:

    No matter what happens to us in this lifetime, it can never truly harm who we really are. Well said.

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