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Let’s start Lent NOW

Lent begins tomorrow.  Most folks look at this time as a time to give up something….oh, chocolate or coffee or some other item that is so hard to go without.  And a few others look at this time to try to be more Christ-like.  This is something I have tried to look at as we go towards the Easter celebration of resurrection. And resurrection is looked at by us Unitics as a time to rejoice for OUR resurrection from old thinking to new ‘thoughts’.

Well, let’s go a step further as we enter the Lenten time.  Let’s look at it as a time to let go of things that no longer serve us.  That means thoughts that are hanging in the back of our minds, old thinking that we hold on to for whatever payback we are receiving, let them go.  Let go of that self-talk that is keeping you from expressing the beautiful person you are.

Let go of hurts that you are still dragging through your memories and heart.  That pain is no longer serving you.  Your heart yearns for joy, and peace, and love. Forgive yourself and others so you are able to move forward.

Let go of those habits that are holding you back from who you can truly be.  Maybe it’s smoking.  Maybe it’s eating unhealthy foods all the time.  Maybe it’s drinking too much alcohol.  Maybe it’s not exercising. Maybe, like me, it’s picking at your fingers. 

Your ‘resurrection’ is the very next moment after your choose to life a different life from the one you are living now.  You don’t have to wait for Easter.  Be resurrected now.


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