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“How Big is Your God?” Epilogue

On Sunday, we asked the question, “How Big is Your God?” AS I lay on the table at Dynamic Physical Therapy, having my last treatment for the day, I pondered that lesson. And this is what I came up with: Our Creator is just that.

So who is the most creative person your know? Is it a singer? And composer? I am in awe of people who can write and sing and play instruments. A writer? There are so many good books and articles, we would need six lifetimes to read all that has been written up to this point in the lives of humanity.   I dabble in writing but nothing comes out like the authors I read.

Did you consider an artist? And then what kind of artist? Pastels? Oils? How about all the materials one sculpts with? And then there are the landscape arcitects….my favorite right after Rodin!

Did you think of the teachers who strive every day to find creative ways to teach our children? Or the folks who have envisioned and then manifested the internet? Computers? Social Media?

How about the bakers and the people who discover new ways to present the foods we eat? Yes, they are artist also.

Have you looked at yourself? As a parent, we all have to be creative many times to help our children learn the ways that will help them grow into responsible adults, not to mention what things to do on a rainy day to keep their minds occupied.

Here’s my point…we cannot even fathom the creative force that manifested this Universe, much less the multiverses that are being discovered. And to think for one second that we have the audacity to attempt to exclude any part of it is just unfathomable.

I am constantly in awe of the variety and depth of this Earth. And of the people and life that inhabit it. Let’s do what is ours to do to not only take care of it; let’s do whatever we can to honor it, to realize the sacredness of it and do our best to enable ALL life to flourish.

So, just how BIG is your God? Can IT encompass all that creativity that is being manifested through us as THE Creator?


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