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Unity of Rehoboth Beach – “Seeing With Love” December 13, 2015

Good Morning Beloved!


When a father asked his little boy what he wanted for Christmas, the boy replied, “A baby sister.”

As it turned out, the wife was pregnant, and delivered on Christmas Eve. SO on Christmas day she brought home a brand new baby sister for their son.

The next year, when the father asked his little boy what he wanted for Christmas, the boy said, “If it wouldn’t make mommy too uncomfortable, I’d like a pony.”



This is the third week of our journey into Christmas, a journey to renew us through the birth of our own inner Christ. Today we light three candles, Faith and Peace, and our third candle represents LOVE. Love is God, in us and through us. Let us light our lives with love. When love is directed by that Divine Spirit, it manifests in wisdom and brings a greater awareness of our inner Christ.”


This months Affirmations!


See only Love

Our reading for today tells us of the most powerful force in the Universe – Love. Some may argue this, but I stand by the statement. There is only God, Universe, Spirit….And God is Love.

Maybe our spiritual goal in life should be to love more. I’m open to that!

Charles Fillmore said, “Love is the power that joins and binds in divine harmony the universe and everything in it.”

Here’s an example of Love that binds:

Once upon a time two brothers who lived on adjoining farms fell into conflict.

It was the first serious rift in 40 years of farming side by side, sharing

machinery, and trading labor and goods as needed without a hitch.


When the long collaboration fell apart, it began with a small misunderstanding as things often do, and it grew into a major difference. Finally, it exploded into an exchange of bitter words followed by weeks of silence.

One morning there was a knock on the older brother’s door. He opened it to find a man with a carpenter’s toolbox. “I’m looking for a few day’s work” he said. “Perhaps you would have a few small jobs here and there I could help with? Could I help you?”


“Yes,” said the older brother. “I do have a job for you. Look across the creek

at that farm. That’s my neighbor; in fact, it’s my younger brother. Last week

there was a meadow between us and he took his bulldozer to the river levee

and now there is a creek between us. Well, he may have done this to spite me,

but I’ll go him one better. See that pile of lumber by the barn? I want you

to build me a fence – an 8-foot fence – so I won’t need to see his place

or his face anymore.”


The carpenter said, “I think I understand the situation. Show me the nails

and the post-hole digger and I’ll be able to do a job that pleases you.”


The older brother had to go to town, so he helped the carpenter get

the materials ready and then he was off for the day. The carpenter

worked hard all that day measuring, sawing, nailing.


About sunset when the farmer returned, the carpenter had just finished

his job. The farmer’s eyes opened wide, his jaw dropped. There was no

fence there at all. It was a bridge – a bridge stretching from one side

of the creek to the other! A fine piece of work handrails and all – and the neighbor, his younger brother, was coming across, his hand outstretched.

“You are quite a fellow to build this bridge after all I’ve said and done,” The younger brother said.

The two brothers stood at each end of the bridge, and then they met in the middle, taking each other’s hand.


They turned to see the carpenter hoist his toolbox on his shoulder. “No, wait!

Stay a few days. I’ve a lot of other projects for you,” said the older brother.


“I’d love to stay on,” the carpenter said, “but, I have many more bridges to build.”


Christopher Chenoweth suggests we all have a Love Quotient, a LQ instead of IQ. Of course, The Divine’s LQ would be perfect and since there is only God, only Love, in reality, ours is perfect too. We just need to express it as gifts to all.

Our gift from God is Life.

Life is the 12th Spiritual Power of humankind. Life can neither be created nor destroyed. It can change form or vibration so its appearance to us can be different but it never ceases. It’s the vibration we talk about when we talk about raising our vibration to manifestation.

Life is a many faceted gift, coming to us as health and prosperity in all its forms, all of which are necessary to growth in consciousness. But like any other gift, it is up to us what we do with it.

Living with a lack or limited thought pattern diminishes the gift of life. With life being the greatest gift of all, we should “Live the life you love and love the life you live.”

See, love is the key here. Jesus was born in love, taught love and exuded love. He taught “Love God with all your heart and mind and strength, and to love your neighbor as yourself.”

Love is a universal power and when we come from love, choose through love, we can never go wrong. A beautiful example of Love not going wrong, but in fact working out for the good of all is the story of Naomi & Ruth in the Book of Ruth, one of my favorites.

This is seeing only love.


Seeing only love means we have control over our actions. That we think before we speak….is it true what we are contemplating to say or is it a reaction to hurt feelings or anger?

Will what we wish to say or do be harmful to anyone or anything? Once the words are spoken, they cannot be taken back.

Is it necessary to do or say what we were contemplating to do or say? Is it REALLY worth it?

We could say that we have had many opportunities to react negatively to circumstances that are happening lately. Our country seems to be in an epidemic of violence. But we can see this as opportunities to be a lighthouse….to shine the love that we are. Peace begins with each one of us.

You see, we seem to have an innate drive to find love and God. We should make the commitment to follow that drive. Going against that drive could be ego driven…

I do not know where this quote comes from, but I use it often….“Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always in effectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there is one elementary truth the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one’s favor all manner of unforeseen incidents, meetings and material assistance, which no one could have dreamt would have come their way.”

We are seeing ‘commitment’ from you in many forms right here at Unity of Rehoboth Beach.

When we put ‘feet to our prayers’ we do so following the Principles that are to be our guide through this life. The Principles lead us to follow what Jesus and many of the Master taught.

The common question to help us stay on course is, “Where did I meet God today? And where did I miss God?”


Part of being a follower of the teachings of Jesus is to constantly re-examine ourselves to find out how we can be at our best. If people have a problem with putting themselves under the microscope, perhaps they’re afraid of what they’ll find.

What would you find?

Brendon Burchard asks, “What if our job was to leave evidence that we loved and inspired others?”


I’ve seen this list a few times on Face Book: Ways to show love:

Listen without interrupting

Speak without accusing

Give without sparing

Pray without ceasing

Answer without arguing

Share without pretending

Enjoy without complaint

Trust without wavering

Forgive without punishing

Promise without forgetting


Plenty of evidence there….


Here’s a story about love and life from Unity’s Christmas Vaults:

Love Came Down at Christmas


God comes into our lives at Christmas in many different ways. Sometimes in a Santa Claus suit, as in this true story which appeared about (probably more than) ten years ago in a Kansas City newspaper bears witness. . . .   Charles Howard was a department store Santa who used to visit children in the hospital after closing hours at the store. One year, during the week before Christmas, he went to see Nancy, an emaciated polio victim who was being kept alive by motors, pumps, and an assortment of medical gadgets. Before he entered her room the nurses told him it would be Nancy’s last Christmas.


When Nancy saw him, dressed in his Santa Claus suit, her eyes seemed to speak and her pain wracked body quivered with excitement. “She wants to kiss you, Santa” her mother said as she read her daughter’s lips. Howard leaned down and felt Nancy’s one good arm around his neck and a gentle kiss on his cheek.

“I wasn’t worth a darn after that,” he said. Before he left, Nancy gave him three sticks of candy for his reindeer. That night Howard couldn’t sleep. The next morning he wrote Nancy a letter. He told her how wonderful it had been to see her and how his excited reindeer made him divide those three pieces of candy so that each of them could have a piece of their own. “When I tucked Dancer in bed,” Howard wrote, “He had his piece under his pillow.”


Two days after he wrote the letter, a nurse called on Howard at the department store. From the instant Nancy read his letter, she said, a change had come over her. “I think she is going to get well,” said the nurse. A year later, from his Santa’s throne in the department store, Howard saw a little girl in braces running toward him. It was Nancy.


Kahlil Gibran wrote, “The appearance of things changes according to the emotions, and thus we see magic and beauty in them, while the magic and beauty are really in ourselves.”


Howard had become part of a miracle because he had opened himself to be a channel for the Christ potential within himself, and let the healing energy that resulted flow freely to that sweet little girl.


That Christ potential is within us all. The Christmas Season is a time when we remind ourselves of that potential.

The Christ is still being born in unexpected places, at unexpected times in our world today. This Christmas I pray that the Christ will be born in you and I, too, in surprising and wonderful ways.



Peace be to you, and peace be to your house, and peace be to all that you have. 1 Samuel 25:6


“Finally, beloved, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just,

whatever is pure, whatever is pleasing, whatever is commendable… think

about these things.” Philippians 4:8




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