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Lenten Series – The Throne of Love – Unity of Rehoboth Beach -March 12, 2017

Great Morning Beloved!


Lenten Series – The Throne of Love


Last week we talked a bit about Lent and why we observe it.  I asked you to look at the number 40 and where you were on your journey at the age of 40.  I hope the idea brought some insightful and helpful contemplation for you.

This week Charles Fillmore asks us to look at the God we invented.  Voltaire is quoted as saying, “If there were no God, men would invent one.”

And if we would look at our early history, we would realize that we did have Gods and Goddesses for all sorts of reasons.  And even today, some believe that their God has the same emotions and characteristics as humanity does.

We mentioned last week that creation is first have a thought from Divine Mind, then we develop an idea, and create or express that idea …mind, idea, expression.

When we think of people and things, they are all conceived through our own filters.  So, the same idea may become many different manifestations.  For example, think of a dog.  What comes to mind…. for me, the first thought is a bichon.  Did all of you think bichon?  Most likely not.

We all have different takes on what different things mean and sometimes that’s good.  We get a variety of things from the same idea.  Think about one object…. now think of all the ways that object has manifested because someone had the same idea with a different vision: color, size, shape  Variety!

When we attempt to agree on something less concrete we may have a different issue…the idea becomes more complicated when we want to agree on it for safety purposes, for example.  What constitutes freedom, justice or equality?  What’s right and wrong?

God’s gift to us is ideas.  What we do or don’t do with the ideas is our choice…free will.

Have you ever had an idea and didn’t do anything about it only to find someone else took that idea and developed something out of it?  I did….


This is where we must use our faculties, our 12 powers to discern what is appropriate for each of us.  And this is where we must connect with our Divinity.

The 12 Powers are: Faith, strength, wisdom, love, power, imagination, understanding, will, order, zeal, renunciation, life.

We will talk more about the 12 Powers later this year.


We know that God is only Love.  Plain and simple.  God is all good, all knowing and everywhere present.


Where then, does the so-called evil come from?  Is there a devil?   We may wish sometimes we could blame our actions on the devil, but there is none…we must take responsibility for our choices.


We all know that sin is really missing the mark.  Making a mistake.  And that we can always start again.  Sometimes our ego lets us believe that we are doing what is right when we know deep down inside that we are not.  That is missing the mark…letting our thoughts go against what and who we truly are.


And hell is what we do with our life while we are living…if we are not actively connected with Source, we feel separation, and THAT is hell.



Divine Love is the force that dissolves all opposers of true thought and thus smooths out every obstacle that presents itself.  When love ascends our consciousness and thoughts, and takes complete control of our lives, its rule is just and righteous.

Even destructive faculties, such as resistance, opposition, anger, jealousy, are harmonized through love.  Our outer affairs are put in order …cooperation and trust prevail.

When we know Truth, we know that we are all one, that there is no separation…

Unselfish love brings us to the presence of God.

Divine love and human love are all from the same source, we must direct our love with wisdom and discernment, to avoid downfall caused by following our human impulses blindly

Wisdom shows us when we fall short of the law   we know it in our consciousness, if and when we are honest with ourselves.

There is no anger from God when we error; missing the mark brings its own punishment, we are not punished for our sins but by them, by the consequences of our actions.


We are all Children of God.  Divine Love sees no distinction among people.

When we let the Truth of our Being into our hearts and pull down all walls of separation we shall feel the flow of infinite love that Jesus felt.


Love is the greatest worker in the universe, it forgives a ‘multitude of our errors   Divine love is the balm for every ill.


1 Peter 4:8 says. “Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.”


Part of our forgiveness work is unselfish love for it is fearless because of its forgetfulness of self.



The world belongs to us and we are responsible for it…for the poverty or the prosperity…we determine whether we shall have or have not by our thoughts.


Our prosperity is the result of work – mental, spiritual as well as physical.  That means prayer work, soul searching, contemplation, good choices for your associations; it means putting feet to your prayers too.


We are not content with the present – we are ever seeking to be better: to progress as individuals, as a country, as a “religion.”  That mean work…and when we don’t follow that urging, we often get a little, or not so little, push.


The very fact that you are sitting in these chairs shows me that you are ready and willing to take these steps.  We need the courage to develop our positive potentials.

–         Need more initiative, & to be more awareness of our spiritual nature,

–         We need more involvement in our journey,

–         this is how we grow and make life easier for ourselves and our children


Spiral Dynamics?


All things are possible for those who believe, through spiritual unfoldment.

Believe what?  Believe in ourselves, believe that we are innately spiritual beings.  We are encouraged with affirmations, with positive thoughts, with fellowship with others of like mind.


What is our part in this evolution?  KNOW THYSELF

We must become acquainted with our own minds, our own hearts.

I remind you that any and all the progress you make affects each of us and works toward a better future.


Every thought has an active movement…cause and effect…with our consciousness, with our bodies, with our world—the cells go through changes.


Charles says, “Every time we speak we cause the atoms and cells of our body to tremble and go through certain changes.”

Every action causes a reaction…in us and in the Universe.


This is the consequence of our actions.


The destiny of the world & its people is in the minds of those who seek to know God as Spirit & must seek God in Spirit—Jesus points the way with his teachings.  But it is not the religion OF Jesus, it’s the spiritual following ABOUT Jesus and what he taught.


All of his teachings are constructive, not destructive.  Therefore, we ask that you watch your words and thoughts and only send positive, constructive energy into the universe…not matter the issue or situation.


I realize this may be a challenge for some of us in today’s climate, but this can be a learning opportunity for all of us.  This is where courage come into our lives…do we live them as we wish or as others dictate?


And what is Jesus’ formula?  Simple — “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy strength, and with all thy mind; and thy neighbor as thyself.”


This is the fulfillment of all the commandments   someone asked me last week about the Old Testament and an angry & vengeful God.


I remind you that the Old Testament or Hebrew Bible is a history of the Hebrew people.  It was written for them to explain how they came to be on the earth.  It then goes on to record their history.


We use that history, if you will, as a metaphor of the soul’s journey.  As the Israelites went, so our young souls went.  We learned God’s laws and then tested them, just as children test their parents as they grow.


We drift away and then fall to our knees when things go astray.  The God of our understanding comes to us and uncovers our inner light and we can stand again, until we test the Laws again.


And this is how we learned God’s laws.  Once we got it…once we understood what it was like to live with other human beings by following the Commandments, we graduated to the New Testament where Jesus showed us that it really all boils down to LOVE.  Love God and love people.


Sounds simple and it should be, but we all understand what happens when our egos Edge God Out.  It is up to us to use our courage, and our 12 Powers to find the correct footing for ourselves, and work to move forward.


We all here at Unity hope you depend on us, your Unity family to be with you on this journey, we are honored with your presence.





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