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Unity of Rehoboth Beach – March 26, 2017 – Keep a True Lent (continued)

Great Morning Beloved!

Keep a True Lent

Who do you think you are?   I’ll let you contemplate that for a minute.  Do you have a response?


Maybe it was something along the lines of the Reading for Tuesday in Science of Mind Magazine: “You have a name but you are not your name.  You have a body but you are not your body. You have a story but you are not your story.  Who then are you? Take some time now to reflect on this question.  What is most essentially true about you?


The truth about you is that you are a center of God-consciousness. You are part of the wholeness of Infinite Life.  You are a spark of the Divine, a radiance of Universal Intelligence, an emanation of the One Mind. You are the incarnation of Spirit. Your life is the Life of God. As a divine expression, you have access within your being to the qualities of God. You are peace. You are wisdom. You are love. These qualities and more are your true nature. Peace, joy, wisdom and love are ever present and available within you. You can choose to express these qualities to be who you truly are.”



How perfect do you feel now?


You are perfect.   We are perfect.


We are perfect, until we allow the thoughts and ideals of others to change our thoughts about ourselves   we hold onto a belief of limitation, of illness, of unworthiness.  That belief comes from many sources…much of it our domestication.


We have family history telling us a litany of deceptions:

  1. You have been deceived into believing that you were born of fleshly parents and that’s all there is;
  2. You have been deceived into believing that mind is subject to matter;
  3. You have been deceived into believing that there are those among your associates who are your mental, moral or social superiors;
  4. You have been deceived into believing that you have certain traits of character to which you are bound by nature and through them are confined or hampered in life;
  5. And you have been deceived to believe that your ancestors pre-dispositioned you to certain characteristics or illnesses.


Any of these ring true for you?


Charles Fillmore reminds us:

“Although potentially perfect and incapable of producing a single condition of PERMANENT consciousness out of harmony with divine Principle, many persons are impregnated with a belief of limitation and they need the dissolving power of denial to set them free.”


The working power of our mind is thought & through thought all the conditions that seem to encompass us are formed, we cannot have consciousness without thinking, our every thought causes vibrations in the universe.



If consciousness can be manifested as disease, and discord, it follows that that same consciousness can undo the faulty work & build new


We do that with the aid of denials.


Denials can be made in many ways: we could develop a denial about a habit we wish to break (I deny the urge to smoke has any power over me), we could make a conscious acknowledgement that we are incorrect in our conclusion (this is not the road I wish to travel on my Spiritual Journey, this is not who I wish to be at this time); we could refuse to entertain any thoughts of a sensual nature (that donut does not belong in my stomach); we could withdraw thoughts from low ideals (this thought has no power over me, I release it and let it go).


There is one mind, when we depart from that one mind, is when sickness and other negative issues appear. The Truth is, Pure Mind cannot be subject to lack in any form and that which so appears must in some way be a DEPARTURE from creative Mind.



God is the source of our being. By reminding ourselves of the One Mind we find peace.


We are reminded of the laws of action and reaction. They are equal.  What we put out comes back to us.  If we are affirming that we are living a limited life, we will live a life of limitation.



The Law of Righteous Thinking will bring you a consciousness of perfect dominion.  Remember in Genesis we, humankind, were given dominion over the animals on the land, the creatures of the sea and the birds of the sky.


They represent our varied thoughts.  Dominion means the power or right of governing and controlling.


We are to govern and control our thoughts, they are creative.


According to Edison: “atoms are centers of intelligence; the human body being composed of atoms (each of which is an intelligent entity), we could control these atoms through the will and control our lives.”



So, after we take control of our thoughts and work on denying those beliefs and the domestication we have picked up through our lives that no longer serve us, what next?


We use Affirmations to fill the void we have established through the denial. Nature naturally fills a void.  That is what it does.  Like water flowing into a hole in the sand.


By filling that void with affirmative statements, we train our consciousness to positive beliefs.


It puts us in contact with the Christ Mind, which quickens and releases the light and energy stored in the subconscious mind


God created us to express in the manifest world. We have not realized and appropriated our heritage, have not trained our minds away from negative beliefs.



We wonder why our prayers do not always bring a thing to pass as Jesus did, we have not developed faith equal to Jesus.  Jesus prayed with authority, “All authority hath been given unto me in heaven and on earth.”


His word was with authority…that means he asserted the affirmation in thought and word.


By acquiring the ability consciously to go within and affirm our unity and power in Spirit we can gain control of the life current that flows all around us.


“All things whatsoever ye pray and ask for, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.”



We also know that he who uses his mind to curse gets the curse in return, the mind that blesses receives blessings in return- what we send out, comes back to us.


Our ‘word’ can be used to build or destroy.


When words are spoken with spirit, not only conditions without are changed but the cells of the body are transformed into a state of high positive activity

If thoughts of a destructive character dominate, the body suffers.  Thus, we are judged by our words



In “Keep a True Lent” Charles states that the greatest need of the human family is thought control.


We do that through our consciousness. We have no independent mind; there is only universal Mind; but we have consciousness in that mind and we have control over that consciousness. Our we should have control.  Control over our own thoughts, and thoughts make up consciousness.


But we unconsciously separate ourselves; this is where we err in our thinking and beliefs.  We should be more aware of our conscious and unconscious thoughts.


We must be mindful of what we are thinking all the time…I know that is difficult, it’s not we have been taught, not how we are as humans living is our created, duel world.  So at least work on it as much as possible.  You’ll get better at it.


Let’s look at the idea of abundance for an example.  We often let our thoughts of lack and limitation withhold our Divine inheritance.  We talked earlier of the thinking we are often exposed to in our environment growing up and even in our lives today.


And yet, if we would only listen and believe the law of tithing, we would increase our abundance.  The story of Jacob in the Hebrew Bible is an example of the success of tithing 10% to God, in whatever way you choose to do that, time, talent, treasure.

Jacob proved that tithing is one of the foundation principles of financial increase’ in recognition that God is part of all substance.  Prosperity Programs reinforce this all the time.


Yet many folks are fearful of tithing.  They tell themselves they cannot do it, and therefore take themselves out of the flow of Spiritual Good. Their consciousness is in lack instead of the knowledge that God is our Source.


Give of your substance with the thought that whatever it is, it is God’s that you are sharing.


When you make a covenant with the God of your being, that God is always with you.  You are never alone.  If you ever feel alone, that means you moved!


Simply, but with authority, know this:


Be Still and know that I am God and the work is done.




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