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Great Morning Beloved!
Happy ALMOST Halloween!


What are your memories of Halloween? Or are you still enjoying the fun associated with its traditions? I know I used to love to decorate for this holiday and had fun with pumpkin carving parties for many years.
And many people, not me(!) like the scary traditions associated with ‘hallows eve’. They like to feel afraid, to feel FEAR.

Fear, that unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat.
Why would anyone want that is beyond me! The definition itself states its UNPLEASANT!
We are told time and again in the Bible to fear not, be not afraid, do not be afraid…yet we too often let fear overtake us.

In Unity and other New Thought Communities, we look at fear as meaning:
False evidence appearing real F.E.A.R.

The Metaphysical meaning of fear according to Charles Fillmore and as stated in the Revealing Word: “Fear is one of the most subtle and destructive errors that the carnal mind in man experiences. Fear is a paralyzer of mental action; it weakens both mind and body.

Why do we allow fear to overtake us?

Sure, there are times when letting the emotion of fear respond as it is meant to, so we can react properly for safety reasons. But how often do we encounter FREDDY Crouger on Halloween Night? Not so far anyway.

And we all know by now not to place our hand in a fire or step in front of a moving car.
In that case fear might be First Effort Against Risk

The number-one cause for not living life to its fullest is fear.
Can you believe that?

I can —- easily….
But sometimes our fears are based upon an experience we had in the past. But they really do not relate to the present. If we look back and try to discern what caused the fear, can we possibly see and understand that, whatever had caused it in the first place was no longer true?
When I was very young, my family was staying with my maternal grandparents for whatever reason. I was around under 1 year old and my brother 2. Well, the house blew up…gas leak. Completely flattened. No one was hurt but everything was destroyed.
My Mother held that fear of the house exploding through much of her adult life, even though we never had gas heat after that.
That would be an example of Former Expectations Affecting Rationale. And a need to remember that First Experiences Aren’t Representative of future opportunities. In which case, the evidence isn’t FALSE – it just isn’t relevant.
And it is also why there are no baby pictures of me!

Maybe we are looking for a way to navigate the current circumstance, which is taxing our brain for solutions. Then we need Functional, Evolutionary Action Required. Something that answers the question, ‘what do I do now?’
Job 3:13: tells us; “Happy are those who find wisdom, and those who get understanding, for her income is better than silver, and her revenue better than gold.”
This writer is recommending a life of conscious spiritual awareness, because a spiritual focus on wisdom and understanding offers a greater sense of abundance and joy than any emphasis on the so-called ‘tangibles’ of our human lives.

If we stay centered in Christ energy, committed to expressing divine wisdom and understanding through all the challenges we may encounter, then there will be no need for panic. We can be certain that our Christ guidance will move us through any storms, preventing us from making any choices that might create problems.

Bertrand Russell tells us:
Fear is the main source of superstition, and one of the main sources of cruelty. To conquer fear is the beginning of wisdom.

If that is true, then we have an additional reason to conquer our fears.

The moment we become afraid of anything our vibratory energy is reduced. Then our defenses begin to crumble.
Fear causes that which we fear to come upon us. What we resist, persists.
The most common way we can get into trouble is to allow ourselves to become afraid. This usually happens through ignorance and unawareness of energy function and our present level of energy.
And because we are not making conscious choices about our responses to happenings around us.

We are living in a Universe of Immutable Laws, whether we know them or not.
We may not see it, but the unknown is just as lawful as the known. LAW is LAW.
If we are no longer able to have faith in those values which are real, (The 5 Principles for example) then we open ourselves up to the influence of the unreal (darkness, fear, doubt, misery, ignorance).
When a person becomes afraid of anything, an image of terror rises before him. Immediately he begins to abdicate his leadership over his own life.
We give our power away in so many ways….
Fear and guilt are the only enemies of (hu)man(ity).
— Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

If we look at our current state of humanity, we may think that we live in uncertain times. Well, get real folks, there are no ‘certain times’ in this duality. Not unless we MAKE THEM CERTAIN.
We can be more certain by controlling our reaction to uncertainty.

We have nothing to fear but fear itself.
— Franklin Roosevelt
Wise words from our former President. Even Harry Potter knew not to be afraid of the Dementors.

How do we overcome fear? According to Charles Fillmore, Fear is cast out by perfect love. To know divine love is to be selfless, and to be selfless is to be without fear. The God-conscious person is filled with quietness and confidence.
You ask how we can do that in “these uncertain times?”
How about if we Feel Entirely, Absolutely, Rip-Roaringly certain that it’s okay we don’t have certain times, because we can be certain about ourselves. So long as we do what we need to do to Feel Entirely, Absolutely Resourceful – fear serves no purpose at all.
Once again. Perception limits us, because it is how we perceive whatever is in front of us that is causing an unpleasant feeling of danger.

As you are awakening, you are beginning to see fear for what it truly is. The only power fear ever has is the power that you give it. You must act despite fear. Each time you become fearful, you must fully recognize and experience fear for what it truly is.
Look at it from the NOW…be there and truly see it for what it is… False evidence appearing real.

Even in the Hebrew Texts, we are reminded that it is our choices that make our life experiences.
Job 3:25 tells us:
“Truly the thing that I fear comes upon me, and what I dread befalls me.”
And Job created that experience. We do too, we create our own life experiences according to the choices we make. We are creative expressions of the one God. As Jesus said, “According to your faith be it done to you.” If we choose to focus on things that frighten us, we are expressing a faith that those things will happen. And so they do.
The answer to fear and dread is to focus on the good—appreciate the many ways in which your life is unfolding beautifully. It can be hard sometimes, but it’s always possible. Don’t give up. Ask for help in confronting your fears.
Don’t give your power away.

What does F.E.A.R. stand for to you?


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