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The Burning Bowl Ceremony & Letter to God

Great Morning Beloved!

The Burning Bowl Ceremony & Letter to God

Today is a special day…not only do we get to spend this time together, but we get to release what no longer serves our souls journey and then we get to write a letter to God, expressing what we’d like to see in this new year coming up in a very short time.
The Burning Bowl Ceremony and the Letter to God are special rituals that Unity’s around the world have participated in for many years.
You will be releasing those situations, thoughts, habits, maybe even people that no longer serve your spiritual growth.
I ask that you stay with the ceremony and not try to work ahead, you may miss part of what you are to experience through these ceremonies.
Thank you.

Traditionally, the end of the year is a time of reflection and evaluation. The questions you might want to ask yourself are – what worked for you in 2018? And what would you have liked to handle differently?

We know we can’t change events in the past, even what happened yesterday, but we can reprogram in our mind’s eye how we showed up in any given situation. We can reprogram in our mind’s eye how we thoughtfully and positively responded to a particular a situation. By reprogramming, we can oftentimes, release any emotional energy charges we have regarding particular people or circumstances.

It’s extremely healthy to release and let go before we move forward into the good in store for 2019.

Unity’s 3rd Basic principle is the Law of Mind Action. Thoughts held in mind produce after their kind. Or we create our world by whatever we think, feel, and believe. So, whatever we focus our thoughts upon will show up in our world: think positive, create positive and vice versa. It’s a universal law, like gravity!

Unity’s 4th principle is Prayer and Meditation focus our thoughts on the positive through the use of affirmations and denials.

Many are first drawn to Unity for its terrific teachings surrounding positive thinking and affirmations; however, we can affirm ‘til the cows come home, but if we have underlying beliefs that are in opposition to what we are affirming, we must eliminate the erroneous thoughts before we can truly create the world of our choosing. Releasing, eliminating, emptying, all are basically for releasing the power any negative thoughts can have in our lives.

Emptying ourselves is more than just eliminating negative thinking, it’s denying the power such thoughts have over us and forgiving. We must forgive ourselves and others in order to move forward to our awaiting good.

Energy is the name given to the invisible by basic material stuff of the universe. It collects in subatomic particles, holds particles together to form atoms, holds atoms together to form molecules, and so on up the chain of matter until the collected energy forms minerals, plants and the bodies of animals and humans.
Energy vibrates; it is constantly in motion even when collected in apparently solid, unmoving forms. Everything is made of energy, and everything emits some energy. Our bodies, which are made of energy, emit energy. Even our thoughts and feelings are patterns of energy.

According to the dictionary, an emotion is any departure from the usual calm state of the organism. Since an emotion prepares the human body to release energy through overt action, if the energy is not released, it is trapped with the memory of the event which aroused the emotion.
Our unconscious mind holds these unreleased emotions. It doesn’t matter if the buried events are real or fictitious, the emotional energy that is trapped can be disruptive and can interfere with our lives.

Fortunately, our subconscious minds will respond to our conscious minds, but we need to be firm in our purpose. If our current consciousness wavers, our subconscious mind will rely on old information!

I now invite you to get quiet in mind and body. Let us begin by denying together, “I release all that no longer benefits me.”

Now, let us affirm together, “I empty myself, so that I can accept the good that awaits me.” Let’s say that three times together to impress it upon our sub-consciousness.

Now affirm with me. “God is expressing as me and memories are powerless to disturb or harm me.”

Now declare aloud with me: “I now release all of the thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and attitudes from 2018, that could hold me back from my good.”

Now let’s move into the silence. Our Ushers will distribute your papers and pens for this Ceremony.

Silently ask what is ready to be lifted from you now. Allow people, places, things, feelings, addictions or patterns of behavior to arise in your conscious mind and as you recognize them, begin to write down a word or phrase to indicate you wish to release the thought associated with the memory.
As you agree to release them, trust that they are being treated perfectly by God as you release them from your human concern, anxiety, fear or resentment. Your Highest Good is intimately connected to the Highest Good of all who are in your life – as you release them from your worry they are released into God’s care at once. With each name, thought, feeling or internal pattern you release, peacefulness grows within you. Allow this process to continue for the next couple of minutes, writing down what you are given to release.


And when you are ready move your attention back to this time. Know that letting go begins the moment you put pen to paper. It is your conscious awareness that activates the release of problems, thoughts, and things from your life.

After completing your written list, walk to the back of the room and place your paper, your thoughts and experiences into the cleansing fire.
As you watch the paper burn, visualize your unwanted thoughts rising up in the smoke, being released from you.
Allow yourself to experience whatever you are feeling: fear, anxiety, sadness, loss, gratitude. Let the feelings lift as the fire consumes your paper.
Visualize the Smoke Taking Your Thoughts away to the God of your understanding.

The core of this ritual is about a shift in consciousness, being still, becoming aware, naming what you are releasing, and letting it go—then standing in faith for what is next. There is surrender, an acknowledgment that this problem is bigger than me. So, I let go and let God.

After returning to your seat, sit quietly for a few moments and let the process of releasing complete itself.

Let’s say this affirmation together:
Today I release what I don’t want. I let go and let God do the work in this sacred experience. In this, I am healed and renewed. I open my heart to love, and I am blessed with peace, joy, and harmony.

Then when you are ready, go into the Silence again and prepare to write your Letter, expressing what you would like to see happen in the new year. What issues need resolved? What steps forward are you contemplating?
Your letter to God would talk about these things that your Soul is urging you forward to accomplish. Ask God to assist you in these steps of your journey.

Visualize what you want to experience in life and how you want it to take shape.
Write your intentions on your paper.

When you have completed that, fold it and place it in your envelope, address it to yourself. We will mail it early summer as a reminder what your intentions were and maybe give you a little boost.
Please remain quiet while everyone completes their Letters.

We have experienced together these Ceremonies of releasing and of anticipation…releasing the old and looking forward to the new.
Happy New Year everyone…may it be Blessed with peace and Love.


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