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The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity – A Simple Guide to Unlimited Abundance Law 2: Setting Clear-cut Goals


The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity – A Simple Guide to Unlimited Abundance

Law 2: Setting Clear-cut Goals

Welcome back to our discussion on Rev. Edwene Gaines’ Spiritual Laws of Prosperity.

Last week we reviewed her thoughts on tithing and giving. We were reminded that prosperity is a spiritual law and that everyone is subject to these same spiritual laws.
And according to Rev. Gaines those Spiritual Laws are:
1. Tithing and giving
2. Setting clear goals
3. Forgiveness & worthiness
4. Finding your divine purpose

So, this week, we look at the 2nd Law, Setting Clear Goals.

Rev. Gaines has much to say about setting goals. Once the flow of good is flowing through tithing and giving, setting goals creates a vessel with which to catch that goodness!

Setting goals will require some work on our part. Time set a sided to get to know YOU & what you really want. This can be fun — you get to daydream & let you mind wander, childlike. You get to be creative, to dream big & experience your own divine nature.

As an expression of our Creator, anything is possible, yet we too often stop ourselves short of our dreams with thoughts of: to old, no money, too many mistakes in our past, married, not married, no education….the list goes on & on.

But anything is possible.

Goethe – “Whatever you do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius and power and magic in it.”
So, do not limit yourself in your imagination of what you are dreaming of in your life.

Ask yourself:
“If money were no object, if time or responsibility or age or education were no concern, what would my life look like? What would the life of my dreams be?”

Be specific. No concerns regarding should or shouldn’t. I like her statement: “When you’re hungry for chocolate cake, you don’t have to give a reason. You just want chocolate cake!”

So here are her guidelines for goal setting:
1. Write down all your desires. Have a notebook & keep it with you. Writing down your ideas will send a powerful message to your subconscious mind that the world is an abundant place & all things are truly possible.

2. Choose your most important desires & list them in order of importance to you, being very specific & clear. (maybe 10 or 12 to start) Then ask “what action could I take that would show I mean business? Then take
it!…sending a clear message to your subconscious & the Universe that you mean business.

3. Consider what changes you might need to make in order to achieve your goals. Ask prayerfully what must change. Be honest & answer with authenticity

4. Choose a date to achieve the goal-one that you genuinely believe can work- this sends a strong statement to you & God. If you set a date that makes sense to you & the goal does not show by the date, you must do another self-apprasal, asking God for guidance as to what needs to be done & then listen carefully.

5. Read your list of goals at least 3 times every AM & PM, giving them the power of affirmations. This keeps them in the forefront of your mind & draws power to it (Thoughts held in mind produce after their kind)

6. Imagine yourself achieving each goal. Visioning works, just look at our athletes…and Kathleen just held a visioning board workshop…perfect timing.

7. Act as if you have already achieved your goals. Believe that you receive. Act as if.

8. Don’t tell others. This is between you & your God. Goal-setting requires a leap of faith that might be criticized by others who would not understand this process.

9. Cross off the goals as they are achieved and add news ones. This is not a one-time activity, but an ongoing process. The Universe is constantly moving – in circulation and congestion…keep the movement going in a positive direction.

10. Remember God’s highest Law is LOVE. God wants what is best for us.

This is not about being materialistic…it’s about being open to the blessings that are ours to claim. So even though you might want to ask for inner peace, that’s something you already have…just be it. Do what needs to be done to be aware of the peace you have. Peace of mind or being more loving is a choice….just do it.

We already have all the wisdom, intelligence, faith, peace and love there is. Just be it.

Rev. Gaines advises going on a 21-day fast from anger, gossip, cheating, and hostility. This will prepare us by cleansing our mind of thoughts that could hinder our success. Only when we have cleared our thoughts can we have only good intentions in our heart and on our mind, can we specify what it is we truly want—and figure out how we can go about accomplishing and achieving those things.

The success of setting clear-cut goals is evident in the experiences shared in her book. Here’s one:
Pg. 85-91

Rev. Gaines shares several other stories about her experiences of goal setting and that of others. It simply is following Jesus’ teaching: “Ask and you shall receive.”

She reminds us of Jesus who could have healed everyone but only healed those who asked…..and they asked with a heart filled with love.

So, remember, you always get what you pray for, maybe not how you expected.
And do your part by tithing on all money,
do your inner work, being self-responsible…
be specific in what you want,
be childlike in your dreaming,
and never lose sight that Love is God’s ultimate Law.
Now, lets dream for a bit…


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