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Spiritual Economics – The Principles and Process of True Prosperity by Rev. Eric Butterworth -The Law of Visualization & If you can Believe It You Can See It

GREAT Morning Beloved!

Spiritual Economics – The Principles and Process of True Prosperity by Rev. Eric Butterworth -The Law of Visualization & If you can Believe It You Can See It

Welcome back to Spiritual Economic, one of the many books written by Rev. Eric Butterworth that is a classic for Unity and New Thought. I hope you can hang with me as we move through this book because it is filled with wonderful information that can help us on our Journey.

SO, we had breaks in our journeys’ flow unfortunately, but since it’s such wonderful and often thought-provoking information, maybe the breaks will allow for better understanding of each Lesson.

So, last week we looked at the first 2 chapters of Spiritual Economics. In those chapters, we learned a some important things … let’s look at a few:

Charles Fillmore believes we are ‘frustrating our potential’ -why? What are we missing?

Are we placing “The Kingdom” first in our lives? Have you asked yourself those questions?

Then, Butterworth reminded us, “It is consciousness that sets all the limits of life.”
And so, our question here was, ‘where is my consciousness?’

And some of the limits we have placed upon our lives are because we have lost the true meaning of life and the words that we use to label it.

Remember Butterworth reminding us of the true meaning of “Affluence’ means ‘an abundant flow’, not ‘stuff’, ‘things’. And ‘wealth’ originally meant ‘’well-being’. ‘Prosperity’ originally meant ‘according to hope’ or ‘to go forward. The term ‘substance’ comes from Latin which means ‘stand under’. There is a substance standing under everything.

How does that change how feel about those terms? Do we understand them in the context of our spirituality better?

Now let’s look at another aspect of our Truth study – training the eyes to see properly.

We THINK we are seeing what is before us, but in reality, what we look at before us is registered on the light sensitive nerve endings of the retina, but upside down on recording points: they are all transformed into one solid picture communicated to the brain.

However, our brain sees what our awareness has conditioned us to see, not necessarily what is truly there.

So, seeing is not believing, as we have heard often said, but believing is seeing.
We see things, not as they are, but as we are.

We must train our eyes to see properly. When we ‘see,’ we react to it with attitudes and feelings.

Your perception is shaped according to your previous experiences, according to your faith, according to where you are in consciousness. Right seeing is one of the most important keys to effective demonstration of Truth.
Right seeing is one of the most important keys to effective demonstration of the Truth. More important than changing things ‘out there’ is changing the way you see them.

This is the Law of Visualization. Having conceived and deeply felt some thing or experience, we have created the condition in mind that makes a particular result inevitable.

Right judgment is believing life is lived from within-out, from oneness with Divine Substance, from a stance of optimism.

This is why Jesus said, “Do not judge by appearance, but judge by right judgment.” Pic

Someone who worries is a perfect example of this law. Worry is based on the belief that some undesirable condition already exists. Worriers vividly picture in mind the undesirable condition they are worrying about, thus allowing the means to which the worry becomes a very possible reality.

So right judgment, seeing from within, visualizing things as they can be. We are not talking about seeing cars, jobs, etc., but seeing from a consciousness of ever-present Substance. You see abundance everywhere.
Look around…. see abundance. Bless it. (take some time, our space, people, the CHANGE jar, ….)

True seeing is a flow of consciousness. Where you are in consciousness has everything to do with what you are see in experience.

Our most prominent window in our house of consciousness is…. CAN YOU GUESS??? the TV. Keep in mind what we are seeing is the appearance of things. Are you ‘buying in to’ what is being presented on the TV?

We have the responsibility to put our own stamp of ‘God-consciousness’ on what you see and hear. If we are manipulated by the ‘news’, we become part of the world’s problems; if we look though the window of Truth and project love and light, we become part of the solution. Be a peacemaker.

By looking out the proper window one can achieve prosperity, it’s having a ‘prosperity consciousness.’
Did you know, our human nervous system cannot tell the difference between an ‘actual’ experience and the experience imagined in detail.

This is why athletes use visualization as part of their training. They visualize what they wish their bodies to do as they attempt their physical feat.

And, please know, everything will not be alright until we achieve a consciousness of all-rightness.
Pg 62-3 Here’s an example

But…a 3-letter word to self-limitation
The law is this, we can have all we can expect and accept

And all this is pointing to FAITH. “Faith is a fundamental mind power that is basic to the realization of prosperity.”

And that leads us to God, Spirit, Goddess, Universe, Energy…and all the other names we have given to this Presence that lives, and moves and has being in and through us

Have you left the God of your tradition, and moved from your intellectual understanding so you can feel the Presence? It is there that we can understand ‘spiritual economics.

The Universe of innate substance is in everyone; nothing we can do will add or subtract from it. Jesus had it and so do we. He was centered in the creative flow and did ‘miracles’ and so can we with faith, that consciousness centered in the universal Source. Faith tunes in and turns on the Divine flow that is always present.

Faith doesn’t really change things; it changes the way we relate to them. There is always an all-sufficiency even within the insufficiency. Our faith can relate it to us as the whole or the partial-it will be as we believe.
The power is already within us. And here is a difference between Unity and Traditional Christianity –
We are believing from, not believing in.

Abundance is an ever-present reality. Our reality is based on our consciousness, so there is abundance right where we are.

This means we must know, really know that we are “a spiritual being, living in a limitless spiritual Universe, endowed with the whole potential energy flow of the Universe.”

All things are possible to God and to you in God-consciousness.”

That’s a great affirmation!

Remember, we can have all we can expect and accept.

So, we need to Practice the presence of God. When we have a balanced consciousness centered in the ever-present substance of God, things will come easily as they are needed. It is a matter of priorities: “Seek first the Kingdom of God.’

When we believe we can do it, the how-to-do-it develops. Ours is the what, the Universe provides the How.

God is present at every point in space at the same time. “There is no spot where God is not.”


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