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Let’s Honor Each Other

We celebrated the sun and pleasant temperatures this past weekend here in lower Delaware.  It was a busy weekend for the Lesbian community as Women’s Fest was celebrated with workshops, dances, food and entertainers in music and comedy, and we finished the weekend with a Breast Cancer walk on the boardwalk. I didn’t do much of the other activities, but I did do the Breast Cancer walk, of course. 
It was a bit different than walking along the river front in Harrisburg, PA, where the Fight Against Breast Cancer walk is held each year.  But I must say, I did enjoy watching the waves as I walked the boardwalk with several hundred mostly women, but some men and a surprising number of canines of all shapes and sizes.  All the survivors were honored on the beach at the end of the walk which was quite touching.
That is the second time I was honored in such a way, along with others, by a group of people who had the potential to benefit from what we had gone through before.  The first time was at a Gay/Lesbian Retreat at Unity Village.  All the ‘older’ gays and lesbians were honored for what they had gone through personally, spiritually, socially, politically to make the younger generations growth and acceptance easier.
Being included in honoring such as that is very humbling.  Graduation from Leadership on the way to License as a Unity Teacher caused me to honor those who went before me, promoting Unity Teachings.  And further, those who stood up for their beliefs through out Christianity’s history, even though I don’t necessarily believe wholly what came out of that process. 
We often fail to honor those who have gone before us in every endeavor.  I honor those who mentored me as I worked through the pathway to license.  But I also honor those teachers who stood for a say in the classroom and for some kind of living wage for all teachers. 
I honor those women who stood for equality in all areas.  The right to vote, for opportunities in all areas of employment, equal pay (I was one of those again, equal pay for women coaches).  I know we still have a ways to go here, but I can recall as a small child what choices I had given to me for careers–housewife, teacher, nurse, laborer. 
Animal rights activists reminded us of our compassion for all life.  The right to choose in all areas, not just birth or abortion, but for CHOICE period!  Choice given to us by the Higher Being most of us believe in, by whatever name you use.
Anyway, before I get too carried away, let’s honor those who came before, setting the stage for our growth, our evolution, and our connection to the Spiritual Higher Being of us all.

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