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Watch your language

While listening to a podcast of my minister, Rev. Toni Fish from Unity in Frederick, MD, I was reminded of one of the favorite subjects of one of the instructors at Unity Village, Rev. Dr. Paul Hasselback.  That subject is ‘watch your language.’ 

Toni was referencing a story she saw in the monthly Science of Mind magazine where in the writer was talking about Hurricane Sandy and the fact that the household was going to ‘lose power’.  Think about that…what are you really saying to the universe when you say, ‘we lost power’ or ‘I lost power’?   You’ve just given your power away just as easily as if you handed it over to someone and said, “Here, do with me what you wish”. 

Think about it.  What other ways have you handed over your power with careless words?

Here’s another thing we hear all the time, mostly in the media (which is another reason NOT to listen to the media!); “the storm was devastating” or “it’s a catastrophe” or “I’m sick about it” or I’m sorry for …” or; it’s a challenge”.  All these words send a vibrational message, if you will, to the universe saying a negative message.

Our self talk is often as negative: “I’m sick”; “I’m tired”, “I’m not smart” or “I’m stupid, dumb, not good enough …”whatever it is that we all put behind the words “I AM”.   If you understand the meaning of those words, you might think twice about using them in a negative way.  The “I AM” is the name Yahweh, God, gives in the Old Testament when ask who it is Moses is speaking with.  So any word or meaning we place after “I AM” is a statement of what or who we actually are. 

Try making up affirmations using the I Am as a start.  I AM good.  I AM kind.  I AM prosperous.  I AM beautiful.  You fill in the blank.  I AM grateful is a very important one.

Here’s something a friend and I use to do while riding in to work: start with the alphabet and say an I AM affirmation for each letter on the alphabet.  I AM agile.  I AM beautiful.  I AM caring.  I AM dependable.  You get the picture.  Try it.  Not only is it a good practice for positive affirmations, but it is great for setting the stage to change your thoughts.  And after all, we all know, “Change your thoughts, change your life!”


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