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It Doesn’t Have to be Your Final Answer

I heard the phrase, “Living in the question” the other day and wondered about it.  Of course, I quickly looked for something to write it down on so I would remember it.  I have learned that I am past remembering something that I think I should remember easily.  If I don’t write it down, it’s usually gone for a long time if not for good.

So, I asked my ‘text’ buddy, ANA, what her thoughts were on the phrase.  Her first response was ‘being fully in the moment’.  Then, ‘it depends on the question’.  Her next was a good one, I thought, ‘in the asking and the unraveling’.

After thinking about it for awhile, I had thought it had to do with being in the NOW moment.  I thought it had to do with the level of consciousness.

Our level of consciousness is a determining factor in much more then we are probably aware of in our daily activities.  In fact, it may be THE determining factor in our choices.  I say that because where we are in consciousness makes us more aware of the choices that reflect our integrity.  Our integrity is an integral part of our choices.  If something doesn’t fit in with our integrity, we can usually “feel” that and we can choose to stay within the boundary that our integrity was formed with.

If we go ahead and choose outside those integrity boundaries, we always have another choice!  I heard this statement the other day too:  ‘it doesn’t have to be your final answer”.  That’s what choice is all about.  That can be looked at as the difference between choice and decide. 

If you look at the word decide, you will notice that it ends with ‘cide’.  ‘Cide’, as in insecticide, pesticide, homicide …get it?   ‘Cide’ means kill, death.  No other decision.

But choice always gives you another choice, if you want it.  SO, unlike “Millionaire” where you must have a ‘final answer’, when you choose, it doesn’t have to be your final answer.  Each and every moment is a choice moment, just choose again.  Start where you are, wherever


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