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I’ve been practicing PATIENCE these last few weeks.  It’s not something I had on my agenda to do, tho I must say that I do try to be patient in my daily living.

No, it’s my oldest dog, April.  She had a medical incident that I thought was a stroke.  Her one eye couldn’t open and she was so restless that neither of us had much sleep that night.  Of course, Shyla, my other dog, slept through the whole thing!

Taking her to the vet to find out she has glaucoma in her right eye.  It was compounded with an abscessed tooth on her right side too.  So, surgery took care of the tooth.  The eye is another story.

April was already very challenged with her eyesight due to cataracts in both eyes.  She could still see pretty well though.  And she could follow me her nose which she said was in very good working order, thank you very much!

After this episode, however, she has hardly any sight, some motion and about 6 inches in front of her she can see SOMETHING is there.

So, we have been taking extra care watching out for her so she doesn’t get into any trouble falling.  She likes to be independent so likes to wander around, but now I have to make sure she doesn’t wander too far or into any danger.

I have had to adjust my work inside and out. Outside, always looking for where she is and going to get her, at least until we figure out some kind of outside pen so she can be with me as I work in the yard and garden.

Inside it’s not too much of a problem until I try to work on my class work.  For those of you who are not aware, I lead classes in this area on spirituality, metaphysics and self-awareness. I spend a d amount of time preparing and with April, now, getting interrupted to get her, move her from falling off the couch, taking her out when she used to be able to do that on her own.

That is where the patience come in.  It can be frustrating when moving along with a thought and have to stop because she needs out, or rescued from something. So if this seems a bit out of sync, my apologies!

I don’t recall asking for more patience?  We all know to be careful of what we ask for because we may just get it, and not necessarily how we thought!  I do recall asking for patience decades ago, while still teaching and in another working situation where personalities clashed.  But not lately.

So, the Universe may be catching up with me, which I doubt.  I recall many opportunities to practice patience during those times. 

Maybe one more opportunity to give to others?  Been doing that.  Almost to a fault.

Whatever the lesson, I will work on patience for my little furry friends and take care of them.  They have been a blessing. And maybe that’s the message, to honor all life (something I’ve been contemplating with the mosquitoes).  And to honor every day, live it because we do not know when it will change with the loss of a loved one.

So, I will continue to love my April, and my Shyla, my two bichons.  And all life, even the mosquitoes (I’ll give ‘em a chance to leave the house). And I will hold reverence for each and every day, even when we don’t sleep because April can’t get settled.  And when I’m working, I will remember said these things. 

And I will ask the Universe to remember I already worked on PATIENCE!  


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