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Childhood prayers

I’m not sure what got me thinking about the prayers we use to say as kids. You know the ones. Here’s the prayer thanking God for our food: “God is great, God is good, let us thank Him for our food. By His hand we are all fed. Give us Lord our daily bread. Amen.”
And then the nighttime one: “Now I lay me down to sleep. I pray the Lord my soul to keep. And if I die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take. God bless and then we name all the people we hope God will bless and finish with amen.”

I wondered what the prayers would look like if I took a look at them metaphysically. So, here goes:
God is great. God is good. This is true no matter what name or word you use for God. Could be Universe, Divine, Spirit, Goddess. Any will do. We in Unity and all New Thought believe that God is all good, only good. There is no opposite to good where the Divine is concerned. And if Goddess is all good, that has to be great, right?

Let us thank Him for our food. Well, personally, I thank the Divine Universe for everything. Gratitude is one of the greatest means of increasing abundance there is, so be grateful for all that you have, all you experience, all you know, the people in your life. Even the unpleasant things and people, because there’s a lesson in there someplace.

I am so grateful to be able to see and smell the flowers and the sea air and the good food cooking. I am so grateful I can think and speak and touch. My one dog is almost blind and will lose her one eye in surgery this week because of the glaucoma is that eye. But she is still such a happy dog. I appreciate my sight even more as I watch her get use to finding her way around the house and yard.

And if we look at how we get our food, we can see that the Universe has a part in it all. We get our ideas from the Great Cosmos, ideas are our gift from God/Goddess. So, the knowledge to know how to plant and what to plant and how to get the harvest to where it can be used to nourish the people of the world, that’s all part of the wisdom Divine Spirit has given us.

So, yes; by His hand we all are fed is true. We just have to let go of our need for more than we need and the whole world could be fed, and safely too.

Because we only need ‘our daily bread.’ We don’t need to stock up with food that doesn’t get used until it’s too late and spoiled. We don’t need so much that we throw away at one meal more food than what some people get in a week, and not just in third world countries either. There are families, children in this country who are food insecure, not knowing where the meal is coming from or when.

It’s not much different than the Israelites crossing the desert. Yaweh provided manna twice a day for sustenance. They didn’t need anything else and they didn’t need to save anything day-to-day. They just had to trust and follow the guidance given them.

Now let’s look at that nighttime prayer. Now I lay me down to sleep; that’s simple enough.

I pray the Lord my soul to keep. How can God not keep our soul? We are part of Goddess and so our soul cannot be apart from the Divine.
And if I die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take. Same thing. We are all part of the One, whatever you want to call that ONE. So, living, dying. God is with us, in us, a part of us. And of everyone and everything else.

And Blessing everyone is a most wonderful thing to do. When we bless someone, we are saying, be plentiful; be at peace; be happy. So, yes; bless everyone and everything. Send them peace and love. This is how peace begins, with each one of us. Be peace. Give peace. Be loving.


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