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Keys to the Kingdom – Build a New Awareness Unity of Rehoboth Beach – January 25, 2016

Good Day Beloved!


A five-year-old was working with a speech therapist on the CH sound, which he said as a K. The therapist asked him to say CHICKEN, and he responded KITCHEN.

The therapist again and again, but the response was always KITCHEN.

Undeterred, the therapist pushed for one more try.

The five-year-old sighed and said, “Why don’t we just call it a duck!”


Welcome to week three of the David Owen Ritz series, “The Keys to the Kingdom – an advanced course in prosperity consciousness building” We have discussed Key #1 – Make the Commitment. How have you been doing with the big “C”? Some of us do have an issue with commitment. I hope that it has been resolved, at least to some degree, by now.

The second Key is Hold the Vision. One of the best quotes from David’s text is “…none of us will rise higher than the vision we hold for ourselves.”

What might be standing in the way of that vision you imagined last week?

The next Key is “Build a New Awareness.” How do we do that?

Have you questioned your core beliefs lately? I am sure you have done so during your lifetime or I doubt you would be following Unity Principles.

Your core beliefs color your perceptions of life and can actually create our experiences.

As I was doing my research for this lesson, I came across a post by someone, Victoria was her name, and she likened this coloring of our perceptions by our core beliefs to wearing colored glasses.

Think about it…suppose you always wore glasses tinted a specific color. Say I’m wearing yellow tinted glasses and you are wearing green tinted glasses and another is wearing rose tinted glasses. And finally, we have a person who wears clear glass in their glasses.

Now if we all looked at the sky on a clear sunny day, we would all say that the sky was a different color – yellow, green, etc.

This is an example of how our core beliefs ‘color’ our perceptions. These ‘unconscious’ beliefs feel real to us. Our fears, frustrations, self-esteem, etc. could all be stemming from these colored perceptions.

Feelings, especially strong feeling, are an indication that it’s time to check where does that thought come from? Where does that feeling come from?

The Don Miguel Ruiz book, “The Fifth Agreement” goes into this process deeply. He says to question everything but to be open, as to new ideas.

And Byron Katie asks, “Is what I’m believing true?”

So how do we get to the core beliefs? The suggested ways are –

  1. Journaling, of course. Nothing like writing your thoughts, especially if you just let them flow from you, even through you.
  2. Be a witness to the belief as it shows up in your speech, feelings, behaviors. One of the class members on Tuesdays asks herself, “Is this who I want to be in this situation?”
  3. My metaphysics instructor would always say, “Watch your language.” Examples: “Some people have all the luck.” “I can’t afford that.” “I’m not worthy of success.” These are all affirming limited thinking. Can you think of more? Are you saying or thinking them? Check yourself.
  4. Rituals like the Burning Bowl. You can make your own ritual if there is something you wish to release that no longer serves your highest good. No need to wait until the New Year to do it.
  5. Affirm your relationship with the God of your understanding, by whichever name or word you use to identify that essence that we all are.

Ritz says, “The personal vision that you are building is for more than just a new belief or about abundance. It is actually an inner awareness of your true spiritual self and highest human and spiritual potential, it is a set of wonderful new possibilities that the Universe wants to express through and as you.”

Our higher self knows what to do. Work with your vision. We will be doing this for Unity of Rehoboth Beach in March. I hope and pray you all will take part as you are able. It will be a great process for us and enable us to provide a vision for our future.

As for your vision – work on it. Envision it. Write it out. Meditate on it. Affirm it daily. DREAM!

Dream it, hold the vision ceaselessly, in great detail. Forget about the how! That is God’s business. You choose the what and focus your energy on the feelings you would feel if you were living that dream.

Do not limit the Universe. How BIG is your GOD?

Isiah 43:19 “I will make a way.”

Stephen Kosmyna, “I hold my very own key to the kingdom of good, to my very own field of dreams. I look only to God as my source and the ceaseless activity of Divine Mind as my supply. I am blessed beyond measure and profoundly grateful for this rain of good and plenty I am now experiencing.”

THAT is a pretty good affirmation!

David lists 7 Truths that build that awareness and acceptance of the good we are all claiming in our vision. They are:

  1. God is the one and only source of our good. We do have channels for that good like jobs, investments, etc., but the SOURCE is all God.
  2. Abundance is a here-and-now reality. Don’t confuse a temporary event with TRUTH.
  3. Abundance is inexhaustible. The Universe is constantly expanding. God’s creative process is an endless dance between form and formless.
  4. God is meeting your every need at every moment according to your own acceptance. “Our level of acceptance depends upon what you give to life and how you give it. What – time, talent, treasure, energy, attention, love. How – attitude, intention, awareness that accompanies what you give. Give to life with joy, integrity and love,
  5. Everyone deserves abundance. We need to see ourselves and others as God does. Love unconditionally and forgive self and others.
  6. Your vision is your inner awareness of your naturally abundant self.
  7. Your inner guidance will lead you toward the fulfillment of your vision.

Everything necessary is contained within the vision and when we nurture ourselves via spiritual practices, we affirm the Truth of our vision and we build a new awareness. We need to listen and follow inner guidance.

Here’s your closing thought for today:

“Stay as you are and you will stay as you are.” (from Science of Mind”, January 2016)


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