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“Spiritual Economics: How to Reverse Financial Adversity & Security in a changing world.”

GREAT Morning Beloved!

“Spiritual Economics: How to Reverse Financial Adversity & Security in a changing world.”

We have been reminded about quite a few things so far as we journey through this book on Spiritual Economics.
And they are reminders, because we know all this, in reality, but we forget so much as we encounter our physical world.
Sometimes we just wonder, “If I could have only remembered sooner!”
And when we do remember or are reminded, if we could just keep on remembering all if it!
Oh well, Life is a growth process.
So, let’s continue our look at Spiritual Economics.
Let’s face it, we need things to live in this dualistic world…things like clothes and food and shelter, etc. And to get those things, we need something to exchange for the needs, in most cases – a source of income.
Our economy is a complicated thing, from a materialistic vantage.
We have at our access all sorts of statistics and charts trying to explain what’s happening in our economy; but nothing about the cause of it all.
The economy will always be about what we make it, how we decree it, what we expect it to be.
In reality, the economy is little more than a barometer that registers the highs and lows of consciousness.
My consciousness influences the economy.
Think about it…you are the leader of your business affairs. You determine the consciousness you bring to the ‘table,’ so to speak. Butterworth told us, “Your most important asset is the conscious control of your own life.”

Are you coming from a consciousness of lack and limitation?
Remember: your prosperity will always be a reflection of your consciousness.

The fact is that consciousness is the key to all things which happen to us. The starting point in changing your life to an experience of abundance is the realization that you can change your life by altering your thoughts.
You begin by taking responsibility for your own life. Admit to yourself that your present experience reflects your present level of awareness. You are not a victim of circumstances. Consciousness creates circumstances or at least sets the climate in which they happen.
So, we see, if the cause is in you, in your level of consciousness, then the cure can be affected by changing your thoughts, by altering the cause. Thus, we are altering the inner states of our minds that have been blocking the natural flow of God substance.

It’s hard to stay positive in this world. Sometimes things happen. But nothing is ever a complete loss. There is always some gain, some growth.
Life is a matter of growing. Missing the mark is one of the ways in which we learn to hit the target. Failure is a part of achieving success, and success is ‘earning the right to be there.’
If we find we haven’t succeeded in our attempt at something, we can affirm: “I accept the reality of this situation, but not it’s permanence.”
And a reminder: “Thoughts held in mind produce after their kind.” So, watch your thoughts, watch your words. Only put into words those statements that you really want to see manifest in your life.
For example, the word problem immediately brings about meanings of trouble, impossible obstacles, etc. But the word project brings a different suggestion of creativity, positive endeavors. Or as I say, learning opportunity. And in these, we are taking responsibility. We are always responsible for the way we accept things that happen to us. The incident is external; our reaction is always our own.
Henry David Thoreau wrote in his journal, “The question is not what you look at, but what you see.”

All that really counts is what is happening within us. There is unlimited potential within all of us. And when we are grounded in the field of limitless substance, then we may be broke, but we can never be poor.
Any experience of life can become the best thing that ever happened to us. All things work together for good. Start with positive thought right in the beginning of a ‘so-called’ crisis.

Can you believe that? That all things work together for good? Or how long, when something happens, does it take us to get to that point when we understand that all things work out for good?
Our idea of security probably interferes with that sentiment.
So, what does security mean to you? How important is it?

Professor Peter Bartocci at Boston College has said, “It may be that any view of life that puts security rather than creativity first has misread life at its best, and thus misinterprets the cosmic process.”
WOW. What do you think about that statement?
What do you think this is saying?
How about when we place the emphasis on outer things, we miss the whole meaning of life. Life is for expressing, for growth and expansion.
Humans have survived because of our creative ability, the intuitive flow of ideas, in their spiritual dimension. When we think of only being safe, we stifle the urges of personal growth and advancement.
Security is actually more psychological than financial. Sure, purchase insurance, and save and invest, but do these things from a mindset of unlimited source, not anxiety or fear.
It depends on our thinking when we do what we do.
It is universal law that the patterns you hold in mind tend to influence circumstances. Having a spare tire is not a symbol of fear but rather, evidence of wisdom and good planning.

Even as we work, our money should be put to work also. Saving is a mature practice…all nature saves. But take the high view and save for opportunities, not emergencies.
Through all this, seek first the kingdom for your security. Do what you do with a consciousness of security.

And that goes for retirement too. Yes, plan for it, but not from the negative image of old age and the ‘sunbelt-condominium syndrome.’ You can’t live meaningfully and creatively on a shuffleboard court. It’s not an end but a redirection of activities and interests.
This must be a continuing process of keeping the whole-self alive and fully functioning.
We do not grow old; when we stop growing, we are old

Pg 138-140
The word secure comes from two Latin words meaning ‘without’ and ‘care,’….so, being without care, freedom from anxiety.
If we remember that security is not found in things, its only from connecting to the flow of Infinite Mind. Ideas are the gold coins of the Kingdom.

In Hebrew, the word for security literally means ‘worthy.’ True security is in worthiness, not worth. Money and things will not increase your worthiness.
Security is not found in things. It is experienced by identifying yourself as a channel for the flow of Infinite Mind. Are you possessed by your possessions?
Where’s your faith?
Here’s a test…close your eyes and just for a moment, imagine all your possessions gone….what’s your reaction or your response?
That tells you of your faith….of where you are in this dualistic world.
And a good place to go to meditation……


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