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“Spiritual Economics: The Money Enigma & Discover the wonder of giving.”

“Spiritual Economics: The Money Enigma & Discover the wonder of giving.”

We’ve all heard the misquote people throw around a lot; “Money is the root of all evil.” What Paul said is, “The love of money is the root of all evil.” (1 Timothy 6:10)
We should understand by now that it is our consciousness that determines our abundance, and that abundance isn’t necessarily how much money you have in your pocket.
How can money, at one and the same time, be a sought-after necessity of life and yet be a handicap to one’s spiritual growth? How can money be evil when no one can do without it?
SO, let’s change that to “The right attitude toward money is a root of all kinds of prosperity.”
And what is money really? It is a device for measuring wealth. We would go further and state it is a means of exchanging energy. It is an enabling symbol, a tangible representation of intangible universal substance, which enables us to provide food, shelter, clothes, etc.
Money is God in action.
Money is an extension of you…your thoughts and feelings. If you think positively and creatively about your money, you actually multiply its effectiveness. Now think about what you are multiplying if your attitude and thoughts are negative….

Think about how often someone may ask you how much money you have on you, for instance and you reply: “Only 5 dollars.” Why ONLY? ‘Onlyness’ identifies with lack.
Look at a dollar bill…the black ink side and notice the number 1…indicating lack. But when you turn it over to the green side. Focus on “IN GOD WE TRUST.” You have gone from limitation to limitlessness.
Remember, your money is an extension of you; either a symbol of limitation or of limitlessness. When you receive or spend money, ‘think green,’ keep the green side up to remind you that you identify money as a symbol of limitless God-substance. In this way, you are building and maintaining a prosperity consciousness.

We don’t need money, we need faith. We need ideas. We need a flow of creativity. Imbue your money with the idea of abundance. Each Sunday we repeat, “God is the source, I am the conduit.”
What does that mean to you? Are you feeling that energy when you say the words? If not, maybe you’re cheating yourself….and Spirit.

Our money needs us to become that creative idea that in turn, with faith and vision, becomes our creative outlet. Henry Ford had an idea, and that idea as it unfolded became the impetus for his millions. It was the idea.
We all have our own connection to that pipeline of ideas, if we allow it. Wealth is not in money; it is in ideas. And “you are always as rich as you think you are. The only poverty is of the mind.”

Charles Fillmore has said; “Watch your thoughts when you are handling your money, because your money is attached through your mind to the one source of all substance and all money. When you think of your money, which is visible, as something directly attached to an invisible source that is giving or withholding according to your thought, you have the key to all riches and all lack.”
“Never allow money of any kind or amount to pass through your hands without blessing it.”

To bless means to confer prosperity or happiness upon. When it goes from you, give thanks that there is no depletion, but an increase because you have kept it flowing. The circle of giving and receiving.
And keep in mind that giving may involve money, but it also involves your work and in the many ways you make contact with life. All your interactions with others, think how that occurs, are you giving and receiving?

Unfortunately, the predominate attitude toward money and success and acceptable methods of achievement has evolved into getting what you want at any cost.
So, we are reminded again that life is not lived from the outside-in, but from inside-out. Unless we understand this, we miss the whole meaning of life.

“The purpose of life is not acquisition but unfoldment and personal development.”
How are you doing with that?

Your life is a gift from God. What you do with it is your gift to God. Again, what are you doing with that?

Are you a taker or a giver?

A taker is someone who believes that their lives will always be the total of what they can get from the world. But no matter what they take, they can never know peace or security or fulfillment.

A giver is convinced that life is a giving process. Their subtle motivation in all

their ways is to give themselves away, in love, in service, in all the many ways they can share themselves.

If you are seeking to establish yourself in a unitive relationship with divine flow, you must begin to see yourself as a giver. You can never achieve that unitive relationship until giving becomes the main thrust of your life.

“If you discover the wonder of giving, you will find a great blessing of inner fulfillment in your work, which will lead to better work, and by the law of causation, to a greater experience of affluence, which may come through your job or through many different channels.”

The law is exact: if you give, really work in a giving consciousness, you must receive.

Understand that life itself does not have meaning.

You have meaning. Meaning is something you release from within yourself. You put meaning to your work, to your experiences, to every relationship.

So, analyze your attitudes toward everything…your work, your relationships, your world. What can be changed to increase your prosperity consciousness? We have gone through this book that is filled with this whole process, have you listened?

Have you figured out what, if anything, is blocking your prosperity?


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